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14.September 2008

Delinquent blogging leads me to need to do another news digest with previews of coming attractions. In no particular order.

  1. The new semester starts tomorrow.
  2. In order to make it to campus in time to organize myself, I have to leave my house by about 7:45 AM. EVERY DAY. Does. Not. Compute.
  3. We finally filed for Dan’s Green Card. Thus commences the waiting game. No, we still haven’t seen the movie.
  4. Dan starts work tomorrow!
  5. In August, I baked Franzbrötchen!
  6. Last week sometime I baked chocolate rolls.
  7. I also cooked the inaugural Butternut Squash of the season.
  8. We have Besuch from Deutschland!
  9. My work status currently SUCKS. But will be okay.
  10. We got pluots in our Boston Organics box this week! What the hell are those!?
  11. I learned the German word for quince. Quitte.
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