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Political Junkies: Looking forward

5.November 2008

The next big thing is to see who Obama taps to be in his cabinet/to help out in his administration. CNN has a good list of names that have been floated as possibilities. My money is on McCain getting something and maybe Gore. I hope Clinton accepts something, though she’s also good in the Senate and says she doesn’t want anything else.

Key Seats to look out for:

  • Secretary of the Treasury
  • Secretary of State (obviously)
  • Secretary of Defense
  • And I’ll be curious about his pick for Homeland Security, though I think that will be less relevant under Obama and our current economy than it has been in the last 8 years

Also, waiting to hear if any of the elder Supreme Court Justices step down immediately after Bush leaves – I’m looking at Stevens (he’s 88). Next oldest is Ginsburg at 75, but she hasn’t been there all that long. I’m interested to see if any of them were just holding on to see if the next president is relatively safe, appointment-wise.

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