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RIP Wilson; Post-election link show

5.November 2008
  • As I mentioned yesterday, our Pet Wild Turkey died yesterday. Today my dad is interviewed in our hometown paper.
  • Thanks WJH (in HH) for pointing the headline out to me: Die Wiederauferstehung des amerikanischen Traums” (Translated – The Resurrection of the American Dream).
  • Die Zeit is predictably less euphoric with “Obamas schweres Erbe” (Obama’s difficult/heavy inheritance) and vaguely politically-incorrect with “Der weiß-schwarze Präsident” (The white-black President).
  • Die Süddeutsche weighs in with “Amerika hat sich neu erfunden” (America has reinvented itself)
  • Britain seems to be happy to be out from under the weight of Bush: “President Obama: Change has come” and “Live Blog: The start of a New Era
  • Jezebel does a pretty great round-up of columnists’ reactions.
  • Also, the NYtimes Blogs have an article about post-election depression. We’re apparently all supposed to be depressed and have an excess of time on our hands now that the election is over. But REAL political junkies know that politics is never over! Why should we not be this interested and engaged all the time? I know, there’s a lull now, but soon we’ll be hearing about Obama’s cabinet and early policy ideas. We’ll start to think about how the new Congress is going to look and we’ll start digesting the ballot issues that passed and didn’t. There’s ALWAYS something political to be a junkie about, so people worried about withdrawal should keep their pants on.

Anyway, Indiana still isn’t officially called, but it looks like Obama just nosed McCain out, which is good. CA is upsetting me about Prop 8, which also isn’t yet called, but doesn’t look good. My heart goes out to all my Californians.

It is interesting to see that even during all the euphoria of the last twelve hours, some people are already shifting the tone to consider how exactly Obama is going to carry out his promises, fix the war, and save the flailing economy. The overwhelming sense seems to be that getting elected was the “easy part” and now he’s really going to have to “work hard.” I just hope he takes a week off first.

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