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Clip Show: Where I left off

29.July 2009

I’ve embarked on the project of digitizing my black and white negatives from the last five or six years (since I started shooting b/w…). That’s a lot of negatives. In any case, I’ll post highlights here. Please bear with me as I learn the ropes of scanning and editing (why, hello, Photoshop). Many, many more of these will be appearing over the next few weeks (months, more likely). I’ll be posting them here.
Figure One. The Hipster Photo Shoot. Dan and I did a little photo shoot while living in Berlin. He wore a fedora and we set up in the garage of our apartment building, where the architectural details and graffiti are fabulous and it was almost completely dark.
Figure Two. Liz in the wild. Smith Senior Year (2004). We were in pursuit of interesting photos for the Yearbook. There are also many photos of Kelly.
Figure Three. Peeling posters in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. Also from 2007.

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