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Two things: one happy, one not

4.September 2009

First, the Bad. A friend posted this link on Facebook. A school with no books. They’ve decided to buy 18 Kindles instead. Unless the school only has an enrollment of 18 students, this horrifies me. The students who can’t get their hands on a Kindle are meant to read on the internet (or maybe the school expects everyone else’s parents to BUY them one – hello class distinction!). Gross. My happiest school hours were spent in the library, surrounded buy books hundreds of other students had read over the years, discovering things I wouldn’t otherwise have learned. Ugh.

Second, the Good.A Back-to-School (where, at MY school, we still have books) Breakfast of Champions

  • 1 package fat free vanilla yogurt
  • 6ish blackberries
  • 8ish strawberries
  • some flaxseeds
  • a glug or two of almond milk (thanks, Sweet Amandine, for suggesting these last two!)
  • two ice cubes (if your blender can take it)


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