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December, Day 11: Party Prep Day 1

12.December 2009

Getting myself and my kitchen ready for guests tomorrow. If you’re not coming, now would be the time to start feeling sorry for yourself. Tonight I’ve…

  1. Made Vanilla Caramel – which will be cut into tiny bites and dipped into chocolate tomorrow.
  2. Made Cookie Dough for Bowtie Cookies – to be assembled and baked tomorrow.
  3. Made Cookie Dough for Ginger Sandwich Cookies – to be baked and assembled tomorrow. (This dough is disconcertingly wet… we’ll see how they work out.)
  4. Started the St. Cecilia’s Society Punch – lemons macerating in brandy, green tea syrup made.
  5. Made puff-pastry cheese straws.

Things to do tomorrow:

  1. Bake/assemble cookies.
  2. Finish punch.
  3. Bake one or two tarts (orange and maybe cranberry).
  4. Bake gougeres.
  5. Make a batch of benedictine.
  6. Set up the house.

Totally doable, right? Oh, and I’m going to a Latke party at 2 PM. Hm. Early morning, perhaps.

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