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Treasure Trove

22.February 2010

This week, my dear friend K gave me a whole pile of castoff cookbooks (how could anyone abandon so many cookbooks!) to pick through and keep what I liked. As you all know, I’m a sucker for crusty old cookbooks with odd titles and odder illustrations. The musty smell and crumbly texture of old cookbooks and the pages that have clearly been best-loved make me very, very happy.

The books ranged from the grim Tasty Cooking for Ulcer Diets wherein we learn how the ulcer patient should be able to enjoy his dinner as much as his family does…

…to the shameless promotion of mayonnaise (as if it needed any help to start with) seen here.

From the political, Jimmy Carter themed peanut cookbook…

…to the jolly squid peeping through a porthole! How versatile!

Fodder for experimentation and gentle mockery will be found in other titles such as Mushroom Recipes by one “Countess Morphy” – I need to do some biographical research before launching into that one -, The Good Housekeeping Cake Book, The Annisquam Village Cookbook, and so forth. Expect good things.


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