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19.April 2010

I love those days in early spring when the nascent leaves compensate for their small size and fragility with an aggressive, almost toxic, saturated yellow-green. Against that green the white and pink of little blooms also take on a greenish hue, almost as if trying to fit in with the leaves that will, soon, replace them.
Of course, all of a sudden early spring seems to have passed us by! A few days in the steamy almost-South where summer seems to be in full swing and coming back here I see that the blossoming trees are done and the daffodils are all gone. But the weekend was frosty and some tulips are flopped over, swooning from frost. In short, it’s a typical New England spring.
These shots are from my first-ever roll of cross-processed slide film (Fuji Velvia 50, if you were wondering). I’m pleased with the results, even if the green cast is much more pronounced than I really expected. It suits the spring. And Leavitt & Pierce’s window.And my rather fetching orchid, which looks lovely in this light, I think.


Also, not to make excuses, but it’s been really busy around here, so I haven’t been sharing anything with you all. Thanks to those of you that are still hanging around here. Keep the faith and we’ll be back soon with more!


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