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A few photos

3.August 2010

I’ve got many, many recipes to share with you, but I find myself in the throes of the end of Summer School with very little time and energy left over to write a full-blown blog post.  I know, excuses, excuses.  Anyway, today I’m going to throw some photos up on the wall by way of an excuse.

First, if you don’t know about the Brattle Book Shop, you should.  Dan and I have a nasty habit of going there and buying lots of books and a couple weeks ago was no exception.  They had a special shelf (and window display) of Pulp books, a compendium of Strand magazine issues, and an old memoir of a journalist in wartime Berlin, which clearly appealed to Dan.  I netted an etiquette guide from the 1880s and a first edition of A.S. Byatt.  Also, my sister got a whaling memoir.  It’s a great bookstore.

Second, I’m thinking of starting a series of close-up portraits of people making faces.  This is partly inspired by my friend Liz’s senior art show in college – a series of oversized self portraits in which she was variously grimacing.  I thought they were striking images back then and I was so pleased with this photo of my dear Dan that I want to do more of them.  If you want to model, let me know.

Finally, I’m spending a lot of time with these characters.  They’re awfully cute, I think.

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  1. ACD permalink
    3.August 2010 22:36

    The photography project reminds me of that series in the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, where the interviewer asks a famous person questions and their response is recorded only photographically, in whatever face and gesture they make. I volunteer to model!

    • Darby O'Shea permalink*
      3.August 2010 22:48

      Oh! I didn’t know about that series! What’s it called? (P.S. Andrea? That you?)

  2. wjh permalink
    4.August 2010 02:39

    yes! it’s in every süddeutsche magazin edition (on fridays). it’s called “Sagen Sie jetzt nichts” (which is actually a Loriot quote ;)).

    • Darby O'Shea permalink*
      5.August 2010 13:49

      Okay, I looked and love that series. What fun!

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