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Two years

6.September 2010

Two years ago (and change) Dan (formerly known as The Brit) came to our fine country on what we in the know call a K-1 visa so that we could finally tie the knot and start a life together in the same country for once.  You’ve probably all already heard this story, haven’t you?  It’s rather romantic, but I won’t bore you.

What I will tell you about is our second anniversary!  (Our first one for the year – did I mention that we have two?)  This post is coming almost a month late.  When we celebrated, there was no talk of FALL.  It was 90 degrees out and sunny and we took to the water to escape the stuffiness of the city.  It was high SUMMER.  Our celebration was a two-pronged affair.  We woke up early, hiked down to the Long Wharf and got on a boat for Georges Island.  Have you been there?  No?  You should go.  If you’re into any of the following, you’ll love it:  taking photos in dank, decaying places, Civil War History, daytrips, ferry rides, national parks.  Oh, and they have a Summer Shack there.  Not bad for national park food.

Anyway.  Georges Island is almost completely covered by Fort Warren, which is a really cool, pleasantly dilapidated Civil War Fort.

Unlike other places of the sort, it’s not all fenced in and plastered with warning signs.  You can really just wander around wherever you want.

The paint is peeling, the walls are cracking, and a whole variety of lichen spatter the walls in different colors.

Bring a tripod. And a picnic!  It’s really beautiful and just far enough out into the harbor that it’s a bit cooler and a lot breezier.  And quiet.

In the evening, we treated ourselves to a Barbara Lynch evening.  We hoofed it to Fort Point and had dinner at Sportello, which was charming.  It’s a bright, white, cozy, extremely friendly modern take on an Italian lunch counter (which you already know if you’ve been there or read anything about it).  What they don’t tell you is that the service is both friendly and knowledgeable.  If you show interest, they’ll tell you everything right down to the brand of olive oil they use (Aria, if you cared to know.  Very fruity.).

To get down to brass tacks, here’s what we ate: we each had a glass of rose (very tasty and light) and started with an asparagus and ricotta bruschetta

(house made ricotta – and they whip it, which makes a HUGE difference in the texture and, I think, taste) and a spicy tomato soup with a paper thin grilled cheese

(the bread had cumin seeds in it!). For main courses, Dan had a swordfish steak,

which had been topped with a sage leaf and transparently thin slice of prociutto, and garlic mashed potatoes of some sort.  I had pasta with rabbit and green olives.

It was a really subtle and simple dish, but totally delicious.

Somehow I didn’t mention the figs and ricotta.  We were brought slices of bread and dipping sauce.  Not just your standard oil and vinegar either – this was that delightful fruity olive oil with some house made ricotta and fig confiture.  Though this was the first thing we ate and not something we ordered, it was perhaps the most memorable taste of the evening.  So delicious.

We skipped dessert and headed downstairs to Drink, Barbara Lynch’s take on a speakeasy.  I’m sure you’ve also heard about Drink, but I’ll tell you anyway: they don’t have a cocktail menu.  Instead you chit-chat with the barkeep and describe what you like, what you’re in the mood for and then they make you a drink which is generally, in my experience, perfect.  I had what the bartender dubbed a Mary Pickford Royale. Dan had this drink that apparently was born at Hungry Mother (top of my list for bars to try soon) and involves Port and Rye and maple syrup.  A. Mazing.

I apologize for the photo- and cliche-heavy post, but these are things you need to add to your Boston to-do list.  Seriously good times.

Happy Anniverary, honey! We’re so cute!

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  1. 6.September 2010 22:21

    It’s true, you are an adorable couple. Great photo, very nice post indeed. Makes me want to go back to Georges Island. It has a Summer Shack now?!

    • Darby O'Shea permalink*
      7.September 2010 20:43

      Yeah. Summer Shack was apparently part of the now-almost-complete renovation of the visitors’ center (yay brand new bathrooms!). It’s kind of awesome – actually shack-like (as in, you order from a window), which I can’t say for the other locations.

  2. Michele permalink
    7.September 2010 16:02


  3. 7.September 2010 16:21

    Congratulations! You two are indeed cute! Also, Hungry Mother is hands down the best restaurant I’ve been to in Boston. The chef, Barry Maiden, is fabulous, and yes the drinks at the bar there are great. To steal a line from your post – you probably already know this, but I’m going to tell you anyway: his food is a mix of Southern and New England, and his shrimp and grits are the best thing on the menu. Oh, and you’ll like this: the restaurant is named after a state park :)

    • Darby O'Shea permalink*
      7.September 2010 20:45

      Aw. Shucks. We are cute, aren’t we? Anyway, yes. Hungry Mother will be happening VERY SOON. And where, pray tell, is Hungry Mother State Park!? Awesome.


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