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Faux Toes from New Hampshire

2.October 2010

A couple days ago, I waxed poetic about a certain trip I took with a certain group of girls, but I didn’t want to go totally crazy with photos in that post – after all, that was more about what I had to say.  But!  One of the most exciting things about the trip was finding some new inspiration for making photos.  Here are a few favorites, in no particular order.

Fig. 1. Moss near Beede Falls.

Fig. 2. The view through a rippled old window, Center Sandwich.

Fig. 3. The Girls, sunning themselves.

Fig. 4. Fresh-picked blueberries.

Fig. 5. After you jump off the jumping rock, there’s only one way back up.

Fig. 6. A visitor to our picnic near Beede Falls.

Fig. 7. A water strider, also near Beede Falls.

Fig. 8. The fire looking liquid.

Fig. 9. The lake house was very aesthetically pleasing.

Fig. 10. Both inside and out.

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  1. 4.October 2010 16:22

    Hi there. What a trip. Glad to see you’re still holding on to it. Also, have I told you that I have an unnatural fear of the vertical photo? I can never make it work. But YOU can. xo.

    • Darby O'Shea permalink*
      4.October 2010 16:24

      You fear the VERTICAL photo?! I almost never take horizontal ones.


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