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Saturday Faux Toes

23.October 2010

Just a few photos today:

Fig. 1. We saw this spectacular Triumph on a day trip West in May.  The guy who owns it ran out of his (real estate, naturally) office and gave us the address of the website that chronicled his restoration of the car.  He was a little on the nose, but his car was divine.

Fig. 2. Where else but Provincetown could you buy a life-sized porcelain St. Bernard?

Fig. 3. On the same trip to Provincetown.  It was the first warm day of Spring (at the end of March already!) and we went to the beach to look for migrating whales.  We didn’t see any.

Fig. 4. Apparently I stared at my friends’ legs a lot in New Hampshire.  We’re Smithies.  Don’t judge.  This is the first photo documenting that.

Fig. 5. More legs.

Fig. 6. Just one this time!

Fig.7. There were these curious reflections on the underside of the rock when the sun hit the water.  This is at Beede Falls, but it made me think of other, more mysterious places.


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