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Columbus Day: Eating Out, Part Two

26.October 2010

As you all know by now, Dan and I took a little trip over Columbus Day (two daytrips, actually).  The first was to Western Mass and the second was to Maine.  It was the pups’ first time in Maine and we stopped at Nubble Lighthouse.  All of us had a great time clambering around on rocks and edging toward the edge of the water and gazing up at the lighthouse in the fading sun.  It’s really a perfect spot and if you find yourself anywhere nearby, you shouldn’t miss it.

The other piece of advice (however unsolicited) is that if you’re in that area, you should definitely go to the Cape Neddick Lobster Pound for a meal.  Not only is the food spectacular, but the view isn’t too shabby either.

So, I’m not going to tell you it’s the most elegant restaurant or the most innovative food, but the quality of the seafood is amazing.  The lobster is fresh and sweet and everything is cooked beautifully.

We started, as we always do, with the scallops wrapped in bacon.  See, not that innovative, but they serve these with a maple syrup/clarified butter dipping sauce.  Delicious, delicious.

And then Dan had some salmon and I tore into a lobster.  Granted, it was a “lazy man’s lobster” (i.e. stuffed with bread crumbs, crab and lobster meat, and a sherry cream sauce), so I didn’t have to do too much work.  But I still got to crack the claws and dredge them in clarified butter and the whole thing was so tasty.

And anyway, isn’t any meal that ends with one of these just tops?

Finally, while you’re thinking about how much you’d like to be eating lobster right now, watch this.

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  1. 26.October 2010 11:29

    I want lobster right now. Specifically, that lazy man’s lobster, it looks scrumdiddlyumcious. Am considering dropping everything right now and driving to Maine.

    • Darby O'Shea permalink*
      26.October 2010 11:30

      Yes! I’ll meet you there! It’s worth it! I promise!

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