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Film Nostalgia: Summer

5.November 2010

It’s another grey day today (do we REALLY have to have four MONTHS of this?), so I thought a little glimpse of summer was in order.  Here are a few belatedly-developed photos from July film.

Fig. 1. This is from a decadent breakfast at a lovely cafe where we just kept getting up and ordering more food.  This was maybe an Earl Grey Macaron?

Fig. 2. This is their way of serving bread pudding to go.  Very clever and tasty.  It makes me sad to see these photos because we haven’t been going there much any more.  It’s a combination of work having changed my day-to-day location and their more than slightly sketchy labor practices (Not the bakers, though.  It’s not their fault.).

Fig. 3. Sigh.  It’s amazing how fast they grow up, isn’t it?  He’s twice this size now.

Fig. 4. Eggs.  I fried these up for the menfolk when they watched a World Cup game and I pretended to sort of care.

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  1. 5.November 2010 16:28

    macaron! I want to make those myself someday. Yum yum, earl grey flavor…

  2. wjh permalink
    5.November 2010 19:02

    thanks for the summer photos! it’s been soooo grey here all week and it’s dark the whole time – and it’s only the beginning of november… we need more summer photos up until the end of march!!! :)

    • Darby O'Shea permalink*
      10.November 2010 10:39

      Wiebke! It’s grey here too. Bah.

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