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Maine Blues

9.November 2010

Columbus Day this year. On the second day we drove to Maine to visit some of our favorite haunts (which you’ve heard about here.  I was still playing with film and came up with the following shots.

Fig. 1. A post.  I liked the texture and the color as the sun hit it.  Also, the wood-burned logo.

Fig. 2. A marshy area.  Very very blue everything.

Fig. 3. Blue sky and a sun spot.  This is looking away from the Nubble Lighthouse.  Also known as a house I wouldn’t mind retiring in.

Fig. 4. I liked how the sun caught just that one spot of barnacles.  Also, the green mossy goodness.

Fig. 5. Nubble.  See how it’s almost yellow in the afternoon sun?  Also, yes.  The sky was blue.

Fig. 6. Blue sky reflected in tide pools.

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  1. 12.November 2010 15:02

    These blues are stunning, Em.

    • Darby O'Shea permalink*
      12.November 2010 15:07

      Thanks, man! Not bad, right?

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