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Friday Clip Show: Montague Bookmill

19.November 2010

This is just about the last of the luscious film shots I took on Columbus Day weekend.  These come from the Montague Bookmill, which, if you haven’t, you should visit.

Fig. 1. Even though it was October and had been cold the whole week, it was warm and sunny and almost Summery the afternoon we were at the Bookmill.  The sun was doing that fall slant it tends to do in Western Mass, but it was still very warm.

Fig. 2. Inside it already felt Fall-like, with warm yellow-orange light and people snuggled into easy chairs reading. Also, I love this lamp.

Fig. 3. You’ve already heard about this, but we set up shop outside with a snack and a soda.  Have you ever had this Dry Meyer Lemon soda?  It’s seriously delicious.

Fig. 4. And you’ve already seen this, but I just loved the tones of this photo.  Is there anything better than slide film?  I’m tempted to say no.

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