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December, Day 4: It’s my birthday!

4.December 2010

Well hello, big 2-9. Didn’t expect to see you so soon.  It doesn’t really feel like I’m getting old, as such – in fact, I feel a good deal younger this year than I did last year, I think.  And really, I still feel like I’m way ahead of where I thought I would be, turning 29.  I didn’t think I’d be in a relationship, much less be MARRIED by this time, so there’s that.  Well done me.  And really the major life goals I have (buy a house, have a career) are still so far out of reach that I can’t really hold it against myself to have not achieved them yet.  But still.  Only a year before I’m thirty?  That seems very strange to me.

Over at eat make read, Kelly has been keeping the blogosphere up to date with her 30/30 list – 30 things she would like to do before she turns 30.  She just passed this milestone and it looks like she was mostly successful (daring haircut! perfect margarita! Paris! hooray!).  As I’m turning 29 today and staring down 30 in twelve months, I think I’ll just copy this idea and, instead of my usual vague resolutions (be happier, work harder, gripe less), make a list of concrete goals.  Wish me luck!  I’ll keep you posted!

  1. Sell a photo.
  2. Place an article in a publication besides my blog.
  3. Make homemade pasta.
  4. Take a great vacation.
  5. Decorate the bedroom.
  6. Make pâte feuilletée.
  7. Make a Baumkuchen.
  8. Go to one movie a month.
  9. Get fit enough to go on a day-long hike without wanting to die.
  10. Go to Acadia.
  11. Eat at Craigie on Main.
  12. Eat at No. 9 Park.
  13. Grow one vegetable successfully. (So that my one measly pepper doesn’t cost me something like $60.)
  14. Try at least three new foods.
  15. Go to a new State or Country. (Seattle, I’m looking at you.)
  16. Acquire another camera, preferably square format.
  17. Come up with a coherent photo project and shoot it.
  18. Get back into a darkroom for at least one day.
  19. Sing again.
  20. Take at least one Serious Cooking Class.
  21. Eat at Hungry Mother.
  22. Pay off a minimum of 75% of my credit card debt.
  23. Put some money into a savings account and actually not spend it.
  24. Finally finish watching the AFI Top 100 movies.  (At last count, 47 down, so almost halfway there.)
  25. Fit back into That Skirt I love.
  26. Refinish an old piece of furniture.
  27. Go to four great concerts.
  28. Spend a day in Fort Point.
  29. Bake Pork Buns.
  30. Cook something out of ten different cookbooks that I’ve never used before.

And now I’m off to celebrate!  Tra la la!

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  1. 4.December 2010 11:09


    I can help you with #9. I’d love to go walking with you, or hiking out at Wachusett, and you could make a goal of hiking Mt. Chocorua next Labor Day (*ahem*) when I plan to organize a hike before wedding. You know, if goals like that would help.

    I’d also love to help with 6 and 13. :)

  2. Jamie permalink
    4.December 2010 12:04

    It’s a good thing Liz can help you with #6, because I have no idea what that is. With most of the rest, however, I would be happy to help or accompany! If you do half the things on this list, it will be a great year! Happy Birthday!

  3. ACD permalink
    4.December 2010 12:40

    Ooh, I endorse #12. Even if it delays #22. (Though they do also have a bar menu, I think…)

    #25 is a goal of mine, too.

    And it turns out you can combine #27 with #28, as I discovered last night. Will tell you about it later!

  4. 5.December 2010 15:52

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday. My Mom’s birthday is December 4th and she just turned 69. I’ll have to plan a huge party for her next year. Now, I hope you slide into your 30th year with smiles and grace…I hated turning 30. However 40 didn’t phase me, nor 50. I’m 52…what’s to dread now? Good luck with your goals…some good ones in there!

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