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Clip show: The year in retrospect

10.December 2010

You know I’m a fan of showing off photos now and then.  Here’s a long clip show – one photo from each month.  We’ll return tomorrow with a recipe or something fabulous, but I’m also very excited to announce the season’s first (and first ever!) giveaway on Darby O’Shea!

The prize: a framed 5×7 print of your choice of my flickr photos (preferably one without people in it)

How to enter: Leave a comment and tell me what you like to take photos of in Winter.  It’s a hard time of year to take photos, but some of my favorites are from that season.  What inspires you when it’s cold outside?

When to enter: By Monday, 5 PM eastern time.

Hooray! And now to the photos:



January: Morning in the Kitchen

February: The Great Frame-Up

March: Herring Cove

April: Spring on Third Street

May: Tiny Flowers

June: New shirt, new camera

July: Sagen Sie jetzt nichts…

August: Beede Falls

September: Greens

October: Cliff Walk

November: Lemon Poppyseed Bread

December: TBD

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  1. Christine permalink
    11.December 2010 06:52

    First I thought about silence but that is so typical for winter, especially all these x-mas songs (“stille nacht, heilige nacht, blablablalba”). It’s great to find a good spot which shows peace and quite. I still love it too but I think it’s a bigger challenge to find something which if full of life. I took some pictures last Saturday. It was a bit tricky to find a crowed place by the river (went up the Elbe, near Zollenspiekerfährhaus – bloddy far away from my home and I was a bit surprised that there are so many restaurants; okay all Germans). Anyway, there were one family and they fed seagulls. That was great, because it was getting dark but the sky was full of birds. Send you the photo later.

    So, now I’m switching to German:
    Finde ein Motiv, an dem man erkennen kann, dass es im Winter aufgenommen worden ist (Schnee muss nicht sein), aber halte dennoch fest, dass es auch im Winter noch Leben gibt und doch nicht alles im Winterschlaf ist. Ich würde jetzt auch gerne wieder raus gehen und nach weiteren Motiven suchen, aber es regnet und stürmt hier so doll.

    Anyway: thanks for sharing your photos and great ideas again.

  2. Jess permalink
    11.December 2010 12:28

    What a wonderful prize! You’ll see this one coming from a mile away, but my favorite (and most challenging) winter shots are trying to capture the asymptotic joy that courses through my dog’s body as she hurtles through the first substantial snowfall of the year. We will walk off leash through the law school campus and she’ll torpedo through the drifts, creating tunnels, and popping her furry black head up like the most hilarious game of whack a mole. She grows more fearless about jumping from great heights so the world becomes an even bigger obstacle course. I usually have a few chances a year since she approaches all storms as if they are her first. I’ve started relying on video to really capture the magic – rewatching at moments when I need a prompt to smile, or as a reminder to get outside and have more fun!

  3. Jamie permalink
    11.December 2010 12:36

    I think that almost all of my winter pictures are clustered around Christmas and the Christmas tree, often with dogs wearing silly bows and wrapping-paper ribbons. But I also love pictures of bare trees!

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