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December, Day 13: Toffee and videos

13.December 2010

Been busy the last couple days.  Busy writing and researching and grading and doing all sorts of things I’ve been putting off.  And I’ve been baking.  I’m about halfway through the Braune Kuchen dough – I’ll be telling you about that tomorrow, maybe the day after.  But for now two things.  One: I made Toffee for the Big Party.  Two: some fun Christmas videos.

First, the toffee I made was from a Pioneer Woman recipe.  Beautiful photos and good instructions, as always.  The toffe itself is really buttery and delicious and has a nice snap to it.  It goes well with the bittersweet chocolate, but I think it would also go well with milk chocolate.  In fact, with milk, it would taste exactly like a Heath bar.  Which is a Very Good Thing.  It turns out I really like making candy.  Hard candy, caramel, chocolate.  All that good stuff.  And I like how precise it is.  If you just follow the directions and watch your temperature, you can make really cool stuff with totally normal ingredients.  How about that?

Here are pictures of my toffee.

I made it with crushed candy canes.

And I made it with crystallized ginger.

Delicious, delicious.

And now, some holiday video fun.

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  1. Jess permalink
    13.December 2010 23:01

    Wow, gorgeous creations!

  2. 15.December 2010 21:43

    Does your braune kuchen recipe call for cassia buds? I have one passed down from my great-grandmother that I am about to try.

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