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December, Day 16: Clip Show

16.December 2010

This time of year I love nothing more than taking pictures in shops and of shop windows.  All the windows are decked out with whimsical arrangements and bright colors.  The shops in Harvard Square (Greater Boston in general, actually) do a great job of this.  One of my favorite windows, as you might know, is at Leavitt and Pierce in Harvard Square.  They sell a variety of tobacco and shaving products, other manly things, and parlor games, which makes for a really fabulous jumble in their windows.  This time of year they change their windows almost every week and it never fails to delight!

Another favorite shop of mine is Cardullo’s – it’s the only place where food shopping feels more like a museum shopping experience.  Like, “Wow – they have Golden Syrup.  For $17.”  Though I’ll admit that I do splurge and buy myself the occasional delicious thing there.  We were browsing the Christmas goods a couple weeks ago when I saw that there was a little cat hanging out behind the deli counter, probably waiting for a scrap of prociutto (approximately $73/lb) to fall to the floor.  Lovely.

And so, here’s a Harvard Square Holiday duo.  Leavitt & Pierce and Cardullo’s.

Also, congratulations to Christine in Germany who won the photo giveaway!


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  1. Jess permalink
    17.December 2010 09:35

    ahh, you are reminding me of the romance and magic of those stores… very hard to capture these days with the clot of puffy-jacket wearing stressed out shoppers. at cardullo’s, i picked up Laura Santinni’s No 5 Umami paste and am tempted to go back for the Baconnaise as stocking stuffers for my gourmand chef brother.

    hm, do you have Cardullo’s faves? that would be a cool post if you’re willing to share your gems with us!

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