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December, Day 17: Party Prep Ridiculousness

17.December 2010

Today it’s been all party prep, all the time.  Here’s how the menu is shaping up.

  • Braune Kuchen (a few with Glühwein jelly filling)
  • Sugar cookies, decorated
  • Toffee, ginger and candy cane and plain
  • Chocolate dipped vanilla caramels
  • Vanilla Macarons with Mint Buttercream (Trouble with the buttercream, oh dear. Hopefully they will hold up until the party…)
  • Ginger Sandwich Cookies with Lemon Cream
  • Heidesand
  • Vanillekipferl
  • Kolachkes, apricot and plum (ugly again, but delicious)
  • St. Cecilia’s Society Punch
  • Glühwein

And tomorrow I’m building the big exciting centerpiece – hopefully it will work as expected.  It’s been a rather bumpy prep so far – maybe I’m trying too many new things? – but I think it’ll all be fine.

Today was really fun, though – my dear friends Christine and Liz came and helped bake for several hours.  Very good times.

This little picture is from the Beacon Hill Holiday Stroll a couple weeks ago.  This is the tree, post-lighting.  I like it.  How’s it going on your end?


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  1. JLJ permalink
    18.December 2010 10:50

    LOVE the tree picture! And everything sounds GREAT! Can’t wait to try everything – and I do mean EVERYTHING – tonight!

  2. Christina permalink
    10.January 2011 17:23

    I am salivating right now when I think of how delicious everything was! The sugar cookies were like tasting a snow day. So whimsical and tasty! And Eric is still dreaming of the chocolate dipped vanilla caramels. Every time we have a chocolate or a sweet he says, “Remember those caramels at the Christmas party? You need to learn how to make those.” :)

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