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December, Day 18: PARTY!

18.December 2010

Whoa, Nellie. Things are out of CONTROL over here.  Fruit and booze are macerating for the punch. Cookies are decorated and arranged.  House is clean and minimally decorated.

I’m getting ready to make the big crazy ridiculous over the top centerpiece right now – did I tell you all what it is?  I’m making my very first (unless you count the Thanksgiving dry run) Croque em Bouche.

Wish me luck, friends.  I may be in over my head.

As such, you won’t be hearing from me until tomorrow with the post mortem.  But for now, here’s what things are looking like.

Oh, and if the Croque em Bouche doesn’t go well, we won’t ever speak of it again, understood?

Fig. 1. I got acquainted with gold luster dust.  Oh yes.

Fig. 2. Thanks to Wiebke, I have a gorgeous cake plate on which to stack equally gorgeous cookies.

Fig. 3. In which I show off my amateurish piping skills and declare this penguin to be cute.

Fig. 4. The German Cookie Platter.  Braune Kuchen, Vanillekipferl, and Rosmarin-Heidesand.

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  1. 18.December 2010 13:40

    Those cookies look amazing

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