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December, Day 22: Belated and a clipshow

23.December 2010

Ha!  You all thought I was going to remember to post yesterday, didn’t you?  The truth is, when I come home for Christmas, I get all distracted.  There’s lots of cooking, four dogs (counting our two little beasties), presents to be wrapped, friends to be visited, and lots of things to be baked.

You might remember me saying my mom has gone into business – when we arrived, she was in the middle of a HUGE order, so we stayed busy watching her bake, if not helping very much.  And the tree took a while to decorate.  And then there’s all the dogs to keep one eye on.  Anyway.  Enough excuses.

Here are some more holiday season photos from Boston.  These come from Beacon Hill – we strolled down to Charles Street for the tree lighting and some window shopping and a few scenes caught my eye.

Fig. 1. The window of one of the Charles St. antique shops.  My grandma used to have a tree like this.

Fig. 2. The window of the shop Good on Beacon St.  I want everything in that store.

Fig. 3. Another antique shop window.  I love this bowl of ornaments.  And the vase.

Fig. 4. And finally, the frog at the frog pond playground was all dressed up for the holidays.

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