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Hamburg, Day 2: Nordsee

11.January 2011

Did you know that if you yell “Hey Schaf” out  the window of your car (at least in the St. Peter-Ording area), the sheep will all stampede toward you, baaahhhh-ing all the way?

It’s funny to go to the North Sea again – last time my face was burning from sun- and wind-burn, but thhs time because the wind was so cold.  Not exactly summer or beach weather, but that landscape still has such a grip on me.  The fields – in summer so green and golden with grass and wheat – are only sort of gray green (but still green-ish – almost jade colored) and the sky isn’t quite as blue as I remember it in Summer.  Instead of enormous cottony clouds rushing past, we saw low-hanging clouds and matte light.  Really quite different  but just as magical.

This evening I ate a salt-crusted Bronzini at the Riverkasematten with my dear friend (and Gastgeberin) Wiebke.  Delicious.  Then we went for a glass of wine and the bartender gave us two.  I don’t remember Norddeutschland being so freundlich.

Also, I’ve been speaking German all day and I’m a) losing my voice and b) totally sprachlich confused.

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  1. 12.January 2011 13:25

    Maybe that’s how they call the sheep for dinner?

    Glad you’re having a good time!

  2. wjh permalink
    12.January 2011 17:25

    i had lamb that evening…

  3. wjh permalink
    12.January 2011 17:28

    >>>Then we went for a glass of wine and the bartender gave us two.

    that’s what you get when you have a Stammkneipe. ;)


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