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Berlin, Day 3

16.January 2011

Well, the cold got me down for a day – Thursday I went to bed a little after nine.  In Berlin.  How depressing.

The good news is that the almost twelve hours of sleep more or less kept me from staying sick.  I wasn’t cured overnight, but it got better after that.

And then on Friday, Wiebke came to town and we got up to shenanigans.  On tap that night was Perlin, an honor-system wine bar in Prenzlauer Berg (good tip, Kerstin!).  It was very Berlin as far as the decoration and demographic went.  It was about 30% English speakers – Australian and American and me Did you know that almost 30% of Berlin’s population is international now?  I’m learning a lot on this trip.) – and very hip, but not too clean or too new or too pretentious.  The process was this: Pay €2, get a glass.  Pour yourself a glass of wine, then repeat as often as you like (and this wasn’t Chuck, my friends).

Then at the end, pay whatever you felt was right.  We ended up paying €15 for four or five glasses of wine and a bowl of soup.

The other thing I want to talk to you about is St. Oberholz.  Yes, it is very full of expats working away on their MacBook Pros (still), and yes, they sell Celestial Seasonings (new development), and yes, it’s really not an authentic German Cafe, but Berlin is less and less a wholly German city so whatever.  St. Oberholz is amazing.  When I was feeling sorry for myself, I trekked down there (only about ten minutes’ walk from where we’re staying) and ordered “einen frischgepressten Apfel-Ingwer Saft.”

(For the Deutsch-challenged among you, that’s a fresh-made juice of apple and ginger.  My own creation, as you can mix and match the fruits and make whatever blend you want.  I’m convinced that’s actually what kept me on the road to recovery.

How are you guys?

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  1. 16.January 2011 08:46

    I’m making a note of that wine bar for the day I finally make it to Berlin. Sounds like my kind of place!

  2. Jamie permalink
    16.January 2011 12:32

    Sounds so good, Em! The wine bar sounds really fun. And I’m glad your cold is getting better. How’s the documentary project coming?


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