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Summer in a Jar: Mango-Raspberry Jam Giveaway!

21.February 2011

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that a Cafe in Hamburg had struck my fancy with a certain unidentifiable flavor in their gorgeous jewel-toned jam.  It was sweet, tangy, almost creamy tasting, but in no way heavy.  The color was somewhere between red and orange, but still pinkish and I simply could NOT tell what fruit went into it!

I asked the proprietress what it was and where I could get some and she coyly told me that it can’t be bought because it’s homemade, but since I was interested, she would tell me that it was raspberry and mango.

Raspberry AND mango?

And all this time I’ve been making single-fruit jams.  Where was my creativity?  Since when do I exhibit a  tendency to simplicity and obviousness?  Whither my subtlety and taste for complexity?

Well. I decided to remedy the situation and spent Saturday night whipping up my own version of this perplexing, but delicious jam.  Next time I’ll use more mango relative to the raspberry, but the flavors are there – the sweet mango balancing the tangy raspberry.  Also, give this jam a stir and it has precisely the semi-soft set that made that German jam spread so beautifully over slightly soft butter on crusty rolls.   Delicious.

The thing that’s beautiful about this jam is that it tastes like summer, even in February, which is the dourest, most bitter, cruel month of the year.  I’m convinced that’s why they made it the shortest.  No one wants a longer February.  Anyway, this jam will perk you up regardless of how crap the weather is.  I promise.

And the good news is that yes, I’ll be telling you how I made it, but also that we don’t eat THAT much jam in our house.  This is good news because it means that I want to get rid of some of this jam.  Do you want some? Because I’m giving some away.

Hello, loverrrrr. You know you want me.

  • First place wins a jar of Mango-Raspberry jam AND a choice of apple butter, plum jam, peach jam, or grape jelly.  
  • Second place just gets their choice of the above, but no Mango-Raspberry.  I’m not that desperate to get rid of it.

There are three ways you can enter to win your own jar of this sunny, sweet goodness, delivered to your door.

  • Follow me on Twitter (my new handle is @darbyoshea) and leave a comment telling me you have done so.
  • Like me on Facebook and leave a comment telling me you have done so (or that you already like me!).
  • Leave a comment here and tell me how you most like to eat jam or jelly.

Go on! You have until 8 PM (Eastern time) on Wednesday to do it!

Mango-Raspberry Jam

  • 6 c sugar
  • 1 packet Certo Sure-Jell liquid pectin
  • 1 t vanilla extract
  • 12 oz raspberries
  • 2 mangoes

*or other proportions of raspberries to mangoes, to your taste, as long as they equal 4 cups

  1. I pureed the raspberries in the blender, then strained half of them through a fine sieve to reduce the number of seeds.
  2. To the raspberry puree I added the mango (peeled, pit removed, cut into smallish chunks) and used a low setting (stir, I believe) on the blender to just roughly chop the mango.
  3. Pour half of this mixture into your pot and puree the rest until pretty smooth.  Add that half to the pot as well.
  4. Add sugar and vanilla to the pot and stir well to incorporate.  Heat to a full rolling boil (can’t be stirred down).
  5. While at a full rolling boil, add pectin and stir, then boil for exactly one minute.
  6. Fill jam into sterilized jars, cap and ring and then process according to whatever method you prefer (invert – since this is a high-acid recipe or hot water bath).

*When canning, obviously be careful to follow sterilization and safety protocol.  Read up at Ball’s website or in any reputable canning book for thorough information.  We don’t want any of those nasty neurotoxins around here, no sir.

27 Comments leave one →
  1. 21.February 2011 13:25

    Obviously the best way to eat jam is to spread it over a piece of good, well-buttered German bread. I prefer vollkorn or a freshly made regular broetchen.

    • Darby O'Shea permalink*
      21.February 2011 13:26

      Mmmmmmm, yes. I need to make some Brötchen, don’t I? I mean, if I’m serious about enjoying this jam the way it’s meant to be…

  2. Bill permalink
    21.February 2011 13:30

    This sounds delicious and I would probably eat it straight from the jar with my fingers. Bread’s just a vehicle for jam, and I say it’s time we stop pretending otherwise.

    • Darby O'Shea permalink*
      21.February 2011 13:47

      Very honest of you, sir. Also, a spoon works great.

  3. Emily permalink
    21.February 2011 13:34

    This looks DIVINE. I bet it would be yummy with a flourless chocolate cake, or in a pavlova with raspberries on top. Or just thrown on top of Greek yogurt for my lunch. :) So pretty!

    • Darby O'Shea permalink*
      21.February 2011 13:47

      INTERESTING IDEAS. Definitely with the Greek yogurt. And I might have to break my “no fruit with chocolate” closed minded rule and try it out with some chocolate cake. Maybe even just as a filling between cake layers? Hm….

  4. Rachel's Cottage House permalink
    21.February 2011 13:36

    I love eating jam over nice crusty, buttery, hot toasted Italian bread that is moist and delicious on the inside, but crunchy on the outside. This jam looks soooo good! Good luck to everyone, and I adore your photography as well!

    • Darby O'Shea permalink*
      21.February 2011 13:46

      Thanks for the photo-love! I’m with you on the Italian bread. So tasty with its steamy, tender insides.

  5. 21.February 2011 14:39


  6. Jess P permalink
    21.February 2011 14:53

    i already liked you, on FB and in general :)
    i am now stalking you (and lucy) on twitter.
    i need jam. my supply of this ( is running perilously low.

  7. Jess P permalink
    21.February 2011 14:54

    oops i was supposed to tell you how i like jam… two way tie: spooned over plain greek yogurt and on top of warm buttered wheat toast… or baguette if i’m feeling like flaunting nutritional epidemiologic wisdom.

  8. Kelly permalink
    21.February 2011 16:48

    I like a tasty jam with a sharp cheese on a soft bread…thank you, Denmark, for introducing me to this sort of delight! I also love jam no-salt-added PB on whole grain bread.

  9. heather permalink
    21.February 2011 17:09

    The best way to eat jam is spread on warm, fresh, homemade bread while standing around the kitchen island. Thank you for the recipe I would never have considered putting mango in a jam?

    My favourite two fruiter is a blackberry-peach. I started making it when I lived in Portland, OR and blackberries were free and Everywhere. Blackberry-Italian plum is petty good too.

  10. 22.February 2011 10:51

    Ha ha! Guess what I’m eating as I read this? An English muffin with the last of your strawberry jam. I’m sure this new jam is the bee’s knees, but your purist jams are, too.

  11. Leah permalink
    22.February 2011 14:56

    I love jam on some crusty bread with gouda. It is the most delicious combination. I would love to try your mango raspberry in this way!

  12. michelle permalink
    22.February 2011 15:59

    Definitely over warm biscuits!

  13. Erin permalink
    22.February 2011 16:17

    How much jam does this recipe make?

    • Darby O'Shea permalink*
      22.February 2011 16:19

      Good question: I used all different sized jars, but I would guess it makes between 5 and 7 8-oz. jars.

  14. Jamie permalink
    22.February 2011 16:19

    I was going to say that the fake snow in the photo was a nice touch, and then I realized: real snow. Still so much snow.

    I will eat jam with bread and always with butter — although the commenter who mentioned eating jam with cheese is onto something.

  15. Casey permalink
    22.February 2011 19:15

    On toast with some peanut butter or cream cheese. mmmmm.

  16. 22.February 2011 19:34


    Saw your pic on tastespotting, and just had to click through. Beautiful picture, and very interesting looking recipe that I might just have to try. For the record, I would totally spoon some of that jam on vanilla ice cream, yes, even in February in Canada :)

  17. 22.February 2011 23:23

    I’m going to go with simply buttered toast with jam. And now I follow and like. :) Saw you on tastespotting!

  18. wjh permalink
    23.February 2011 14:09

    I most like eating jam with you!


  19. Judy permalink
    23.February 2011 15:49

    Would LOVE to try that Mango-Raspberry Jam – it sounds wonderful! Send it over!

  20. 1.March 2011 14:35

    Love homemade jam. I like to eat it out of the jar in a teaspoon ful, on freshly baked scones, bread or biscuits and with butter. Mmm.


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