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Faux toe Friday: Berlin Graffiti, obviously.

25.February 2011

It’s an exceptionally dreary day in Boston today, so I thought a little color was in order.  Not only in this post, but in the design.  What do you think of the green?  I think it’ll be with us for a while.

Everytime I come back from Berlin, I have a whole new collection of graffiti pictures.  Be sure to scroll down: I’ve saved my favorite for last.

You see, being a former punk capital and now being the home of jet-setting and expat hipsters of all sorts, Berlin has a lot of graffiti.

Some of it is politically motivated, as this: “Schiggi migge zum kotzen.”  Hard to translate, but let’s just say it’s anti-Gentrification.

And it’s not always just on walls.

Occasionally it’s quite beautiful, as here.  (Thanks, Angela, for making sure I didn’t miss this shot!)

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  1. 25.February 2011 14:41

    I LOVE the green. Also, I completely adore your graffiti photos. When I have money, someday, I will buy some from you and they will adorn my house. Yes.

    • Darby O'Shea permalink*
      25.February 2011 19:29

      Thanks! Also, the photos are cheap. We should talk specifics sometime.

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