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Oscars Liveblog!

27.February 2011

Good night, all! See you next year!

11:41 PM: Only ten minutes over, not bad.  All in all, not the best Oscars.  I think the “hip young Oscar hosts” experiment was not a success.  Seemed like some glitter was missing from the evening.  I preferred last year’s show.  Or maybe I’m just getting jaded.

11:40 PM: Wow, a LOT of men won Oscars tonight.

11:40 PM: The kids are singing!  Cute!

11:38 PM: That’s an odd dress to end the evening with.

11:37 PM: Going to say anything about the British Film Council shutting down?

11:36 PM: YAY!  It’s an Oscars that actually doesn’t disappoint!

11:35 PM: Everybody hold your breath now!

11:33 PM: Some of the gravitas of this montage is lost when they cut to scenes from Toy Story.

11:32 PM: Steven Spielberg.  It doesn’t really help that the other losers were also good, surely.

11:25 PM: THANK GOODNESS.  Colin Firth!  It’s about time!  “I have a feeling my career’s just peaked.”  What an endearing speech.

11:22 PM: Jesse Eisenberg is obnoxious.

11:19 PM: Best Actor time!  Let it go the way it’s supposed to…

11:16 PM: Well, that was a foregone conclusion.  I do NOT think it was deserved, but you know.

11: 14 PM: The more I think about it, the angrier I am that Hailee Steinfeld’s role was put down as supporting.  Ridiculous.

11:12 PM: Lead Actress.  Serious time.  I wish wish wish wish wish Annette Bening would win.  But she won’t.

11:06 PM: Did they do away with the lifetime achievement dealie, then?

11:03 PM: So, what do we think? Is it going to be a split decision?  Will The Social Network win Best Picture?  I hope not.

11:03 PM: Hooray!  Tom Hooper!

11:02 PM: Directing!  Kathryn Bigelow!  Awesome!   Where are the women this year?

11:01 PM: BRIGHT blue.  And awesome earrings.  Again, way to go Rachael Zoe.  The styling is pretty great.

10:57 PM: It’s driving me nuts – the weird Nicole Kidman dress reminds me so much of a dress that either Kate Hudson, Renee Zellweger, or Cameron Diaz wore a few years ago.  Also in white, also with a weird architectural thing around the hips.  Also weird.  Any ideas?

10:52 PM: In memoriam… lots died this year.  Tony Curtis, Pete Postlethwaite, Patricia Neal, Lynn Redgrave, Jill Clayburgh, Dennis Hopper, Lena Horne.  They left out a bunch.  The Oscars RIP video is always really selective.

10:52 PM: It wouldn’t be the Oscars without Celine Dion!

10:46 PM: The Disney song always wins.

10:44 PM: I went this long without hearing Gwyneth’s song… I guess it was inevitable.  She looks so tense.

10:42 PM: Florence sans machine.  Now in orange and looking lovely.

10:35 PM: I interpret the win of The Social Network for film editing as a political statement.  Black Swan didn’t win because people wanted to reward straight up editing instead of digital stuff.  Thoughts?

10:32 PM: “If it weren’t for them, your closest association with a superhero would have been in 2001 when you were busted in a cheap hotel room with a prostitute dressed as Bat Girl.” Good on, Jude Law.

10:31 PM: That’s a man-sandwich I’d like to get in the middle of.

10:28 PM: They could have Billy Crystal as the host again.  He was always so good!

10:23 PM: Very important: that fringey dress is Oscar de la Renta.

10:21 PM: Inside Job!  Interesting!  And nice that he pointed out the fact that no one has been punished for the financial crisis.

10:20 PM: I thought Oprah Winfrey could afford something better than Jessica McClintock off the rack.  WEIRD fashion choice.  Maybe worth an ugli fruit?

10:19 PM: Rachael Zoe is working hard tonight.  All that fringe to wrangle on Anne Hathaway!

10:17 PM: I love the Harry Potter Autotune song.  “My tiny ball of light!”

10:15 PM: Luke Matheney, you’re amazing.  Favorite character of the night.  So sweet.

10:12 PM: I LOVE the Oscars, but it’s going kind of slow tonight, right?

10:05 PM: Mandy Moore in yet another pretty dress.

10:02 PM: How are the Republicans going to criticize Obama’s choice of “As time goes by?”  Also, Kevin Spacey should sing much, much more.  Could he actually play Fred Astaire in a biopic, please?  PLEASE?

9:59 PM: I also love how you can always tell the people who aren’t used to being in front of the camera.

9:58 PM: Another for Alice in Wonderland!  I love that little gothy section of the theater!

9:56 PM: The Wolf Man.  That man has beautiful, beautiful hair.

9:55 PM: I could listen to Cate Blanchett talk all day long.

9:54 PM: Marisa Tomei is awesome.  And she hung out with the geeks.

9:52 PM: WHY is Celine Dion singing Happy Birthday?

9:49 PM: Inception seems likely to win all of these.  Also, as Dan points out, Gwendolyn Twiddle is a Harry Potter name.

9:47 PM: I always like a lady in a suit!

9:45 PM: Matthew McC is TAN.  Sound awards time.

9:44 PM: Trent Reznor?  Odd.

9:41 PM: Just skip this part and watch this video on your own time.

9:39 PM: OKAY.  Whatever.  More awards now, please.

9:35 PM: Twitter update: Mindy Kaling says “I couldve gone though life happy enough without seeing Franco in that gown.”

9:32 PM: Well deserved.  Choked up Christian Bale!  Maybe not such a douche?

9:31 PM: I would also like Geoffrey Rush to win.

9:29 PM: Best Supporting Actor!  Christian Bale time!  I feel like Jeremy Renner is starting a long “always a bridesmaid” career.

9:27 PM: That was a surprise!

9:26 PM: Surely Biutiful will win this, right?

9:26 PM: Helen Mirren is so fabulous.

9:25 PM: Franco in drag.  Obviously.  He’s so EDGY.

9:23 PM: Anne Hathaway singing a sassy Les Mis cover at Hugh Jackman.

9:19 PM: David Seidler: “My father always said to me I would be a late bloomer.”  “I would like to thank Her Majesty the Queen for not putting me in the Tower of London for using the Melissa Leo F-word.”

9:18 PM: The King’s Speech!  Hooray!  Hopefully this is a sign…

9:16 PM: Original Screenplay.  This one is tight.

9:15 PM: Aaron Sorkin would come with a prepared speech.

9:12 PM: Adapted Screenplay.  The Social Network.  No big surprises there.

9:06 PM: So that takes it down to 9 Best Picture nominees.  Toy Story 3 wins a predictable animated feature Oscar.

9:03 PM: It appears that Mila Kunis has glued her dress down to cure the precariousness of the boob situation

9:01 PM: JT is Banksy.

8:59 PM: So there’s definitely a time delay.  I love surprise cursing at the Oscars.

8:57 PM: And, Melissa Leo it is.  I do wish Helena Bonham Carter had won.  But Melissa Leo is lovely, too.

8:55 PM: Kirk Douglas is endearing.  So endearing.

8:53 PM: Supporting Actress.  This is a big one.  Kirk Douglas presenting?  Weird.  Too close to call, if you ask me.

8:48 PM: In case you also feel like you missed EVERYONE on the Red Carpet, look at this slide show.

8:46 PM: Moving right along to Cinematography… Inception.  Not a good start for Black Swan.  Wally Pfister, you’re a tool.

8:45 PM: Hooray!  Can we take it as a sign for HBC?  She looks fairly normal.  Why didn’t we get to see her on the red carpet?

8:44 PM: Art Direction.  Mixing up the order this time!  I’m voting Alice in Wonderland.


8:42 PM: I don’t know WHY we’re having a moment of Gone with the Wind, but I like it.  Also, really cool stage.

8:41 PM: It’s really awkward.

8:40 PM: Anne Hathaway’s mom is cute.

8:37 PM: Anne Hathaway’s dress is cool?  I think?  Also, Franco was just Facebooking on stage.  Party foul.

8:35 PM: I believe Alec Baldwin does really have dreams narrated by Morgan Freeman.

8:34 PM: I wish Anne Hathaway had actually slugged Franco that hard.

8:32 PM: I want an Ambien juice box!

8:31 PM: So this montage is really only focusing on the front runners.


8:29 PM: An a Mercedes ad.  They’re such pretty cars.

8:25 PM: Steven Spielberg.  It wouldn’t be the Oscars without him.  Or without Tom Hanks.  Obviously.

8:24 PM: Marchesa is always so over the top.  Halle Berry is the most beautiful person in the world, I think.  I wonder what she would look like in a simple shift.  Calvin Klein.  You know?

8:23 PM: I would like to watch Roberto Begnini’s acceptance speech every day.

8:22 PM: Hugh Jackman is also lovely.  Also an indeterminate accent.

8:19 PM: So what’s Bale’s beard for?  The 13 Women of Nanjing is currently filming.  The synopsis on is, “Chinese sex workers in 1937 volunteer to replace university students as escorts for invading Japanese soldiers.”  Does that call for a big red beard?

8:16 PM: Who’s Anne Hathaway holding hands with?

8:15 PM: Christian Bale is solidly back in “Cor blimey, Merry Poppins” territory.

8:14 PM: Gwyneth looks great.  Calvin Klein gold lame.  Kind of awesome.  And I love love love her earrings.  Seahorses?  Also, was that someone wearing McQueen behind her?

8:12 PM: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a serious contender for the ugli fruit cocktail award.  Nicole Kidman.  AWFUL.  I think she’s drunk!

8:06 PM: Sandra Bullock looks good. Is her hair darker than usual?

8:05 PM: “Justin Timberlake, color theorist.” And this is why Tim Gunn was meant for red carpet work.

8:04 PM: So much douchebaggery.  “It’s been a great spirit.”

8:03 PM: Natalie Portman says “being home with messy hair in sweats is the greatest luxury.”  I beg to differ.  I’d like some beautiful loaned jewelry and a few million people fawning before judging, though.

8:01 PM: Natalie Portman looks AMAZING.  Why does she look like she’s going to cry, though?  Finally, she’s picked a good dress for an awards show.  I guess that’s an emotional event.

8:00 PM: That was a lot of information all at once!  Helena Bonham Carter and Gwyneth Paltrow and Halle Berry, oh my!

7:54 PM: Robert Downey, Jr. is lovely.  Can’t wait for more Sherlock Holmes!  Of his wife’s earrings, he says “They’re fairly fabulous.”

7:51 PM: SWOON.


7:48 PM: Anne Hathaway is looking great, but I HATE her hair.  the color is NOT good.

7:43 PM: Anne Hathaway in archival Valentino WITH Valentino.  Beautiful.  Nice to hear that Valentino isn’t horrified by what’s happened with his House since he left.  Leave it to Tim to ask the important questions.

7:42 PM: Annette Bening and Warren Beatty are looking their age.  I DEARLY love AB’s hair and so forth, but I’m not in love with her dress.  I might rip those earrings off her head, though.  WB “I try to be … acceptable.”  So cute.

7:40 PM: Matthew McConaughey’s other half is INSANELY, RIDICULOUSLY beautiful and that’s a sensational dress.

7:37 PM: So Scarlett’s dress is actually purple?  It’s a fabulous color.  Her hair is a mess, though.

7:34 PM: Ben Mankiewicz from TCM just had interesting information.  Apparently Melissa Leo took out ads in the trade papers and it turned people off.  So maybe Supporting Actress is more competitive now.  I’m still pulling for HBC.

7:32 PM: I’d watch Marisa Tomei playing Lady Gaga.  Definitely.  She’s in 1950 Charles James.  That’s why it fits like that.

7:31 PM: The dogs are less interested than I am.

7:29 PM: I LOVE the moms!  Alma Wahlberg is awesome.  And Mark Ruffalo’s mom is cute.

7:27 PM: Do I like Cate Blanchett’s dress now?  I’m not sure.  It’s Givenchy, so it must be good.

7:26 PM: So, Chrysler is trying to advertise like import car companies and BMW is being all MADE IN AMERICA!

7:20 PM: I love these kids.  Yay for children’s choirs!

7:17 PM: Tim Gunn is nervous?

7:16 PM: Russell Brand is kind of funny.

7:15 PM: I just chomped down on a lemon peel.  GROSS.

7:08 PM: Yes, Jesse, you’re done.

7:06 PM: One.  I am paying no attention to Jesse Eisenberg.  Two.  How about that perspective on the red carpet?  500 journalists?  It looks so intimidating.


7:02 PM: Dolce & Gabbana on Scarlett Johansson.  She looks thin.  Boobs smaller than usual.

7:00 PM: So Ryan Seacrest’s question of the night is “How did that come to fruition?”  Do they sit around before this broadcast and try and think up the awkwardest questions to ask?

6:54 PM: Cate Blanchett.  GORGEOUS but GAH THE DRESS MAKES MY EYES HURT.  Also, her haircut and the way she’s made up made us wonder whether she’s playing Princess Di.

6:53 PM: Geoffrey Rush is BALD.  It’s for a role, but still.

6:52 PM: Jennifer Hudson looks great, but I feel bad for her boobs.  Squish.  In Versace.  Beautiful.

6:50 PM: I was going to be nice to the spouses.  But Mark Ruffalo’s wife.  And her name is SUNRISE.  And her dress is HORRIBLE.  HORRIBLE.  HORRIBLE.

6:47 PM: Bad news, Kim K.  Singles are meant to debut on the radio or maybe on MTV.  Not on tv.  On your show.  Which funded the making of your single.

6:45 PM: Is anyone else totally fascinated by the new Chrysler tagline?  Imported from Detroit?  What happened to “Made in America.”

6:43 PM: Amy Adams.  Okay.  I like the dress.  I like the necklace.  I don’t like them together.

6:40 PM: Amy Adams.  We don’t know what she’s wearing because Ryan Seacrest is terrible.  It looks, by the way, like Anne Hathaway might be wearing Oscar De la Renta.  We hope.

6:35 PM: Is Ryan Seacrest getting WORSE at doing interviews?

6:33 PM: Michelle Williams.  I’m not sure.  Why does she always wear her dresses up to her chin?  What color is that?

6:32 PM: Russell Brand and mother.  He’s so greasy.

6:31 PM: Mandy Moore in Monique Lhullier – pretty.  Odd sleeves, but I like it.  Looking forward to seeing what she wears while performing.

6:27 PM: And we’ve already heard about weight loss on Black Swan.

6:26 PM: I’m worried about Amy Adams.  Winners don’t wear stuff like that.  Mila Kunis – wearing Elie Saab.  What’s with the lace?  Very Forever 21 does lingerie.

6:25 PM: Florence Welch!  Where’s her machine?

6:23 PM: Hailee Steinfeld.  One part Glinda the Good Witch, one part Grace Kelly.  All fabulous.  She’s fabulous.  Smart, articulate.

6:16 PM: James Franco was just updating Facebook on that dude’s phone.  Yep.  Also, Armie Hammer – stupidest name ever?


6:13 PM: AND it’s Anne Hathaway and James Franco.  Couldn’t it wait another hour?

6:12 PM: “It’s GOLD and REFLECTIVE.”  Yes, Ryan.  I don’t love it.  Looks like something Melissa Leo’s character would have worn.  Also, it’s just a matter of time until we see Mila Kunis’s boobs.  Lovely dress but precarious boobage.

6:11 PM: “Executive producer” Ryan Seacrest needs to retire.

6:10 PM: Who would win in a Douchebag cagematch? We’re picking Christian Bale over James Franco

6:09 PM: K rightly observes that Giuliana’s dress looks like a Paint N’ Swirl painting.


6:05 PM: I did not like either of Natalie Portman’s previous dresses (Golden Globes or SAGs), but I did love her blue/teal dress at the luncheon.  What will she wear tonight!?

6:03 PM: They’re keeping Skeletor in the Skybox.  Best to keep Giuliana away from the celebrities.

6:03 PM: She should be a brunette.

6:02: Jennifer Lawrence looking beautiful.  We’re drinking ugli fruit cocktails, but not dedicating it to her.

6:00 PM: RED CARPET!  Who will Ryan Seacrest piss off tonight?  What accent will Christian Bale have?  Will Giuliana be asking people about their dresses or their diets?

5:58 PM: Welcome to the annual Darby O’Shea Oscar Liveblog!  We’ll be kicking it all off in a few minutes with fashion snark and complaints about Giuliana Rancic, but first, let’s think about what’s at stake this year.

First, a disclaimer: The opinions in this liveblog might not be popular and I do tend to get worked up.  Don’t judge, but do feel free to comment! 

Things to think about tonight: This was a year with a lot of coverage about Indie Films and a few indies nominated for Best Picture.  Following The Hurt Locker’s indie groundswell last year, are we due for another indie win?  This year the indies are represented by The Kids Are All Right, Black Swan, The Fighter, Winter’s Bone, and 127 Hours – not too shabby.  Hard to say who’s going to win, though my choices this year look to be at least plausible.

My ranking:

  1. The King’s Speech
  2. The Kids Are All Right
  3. The Fighter
  4. Black Swan
  5. Winter’s Bone
  6. True Grit
  7. Inception
  8. The Social Network (I didn’t think that this deserved all the hype and I DEFINITELY don’t think it deserves a win.)
  9. 127 Hours (Haven’t seen, don’t want to.)
  10. Toy Story 3 (I don’t like this franchise.  Shoot me.)

The strongest field of the year, in my opinion is Supporting Actress. Every single one of them was spectacular (we’ll presume, anyway, as I haven’t seen Animal Kingdom).  I’m rooting for either Helena Bonham Carter or Amy Adams, but I am resigned to Melissa Teo (also brilliant in The Fighter), and wish Hailee Steinfeld much luck in her inevitably bright future.

Rounding out the Supporting category, the menfolk are looking good tonight as well.  I think Christian Bale is the man to beat (try again next year, Jeremy Renner), though I wouldn’t be terribly surprised to see Geoffrey Rush pull off an upset (and based on CB’s acceptance speech at the SAGs, I wouldn’t be too disappointed if he has to hold his tongue tonight).  The tough thing is that both John Hawkes and Mark Ruffalo were great, too.  Hawkes was terrifying, but strangely admirable in Winter’s Bone and Mark Ruffalo was just goofy and delicious in The Kids Are All Right.

Lead Actress seems to be already predetermined for Natalie Portman, but I would pay good money to see her “WTF” face if Annette Bening won, or Jennifer Lawrence (perhaps the most surprising turn of the year).  I haven’t seen Rabbit Hole or Blue Valentine, but those ladies seem to be bringing up the rear at quite a distance in this category.

Lead Actor is where my heart has the most potential for crushing tonight.  If Colin Firth doesn’t win, I’m just going to flip my shit and that’s all there is to it.  Furthermore, if either Jesse Eisenberg (who can’t or chooses not to act) or James Franco (of whom I am most heartily tired) wins, I’m quitting the Oscars altogether.  Jeff Bridges was good in True Grit, but he already won an Oscar for that role.  Last year.  Let somebody else have a go, Jeff.

Otherwise, it’ll be interesting to see how Best Director turns out (I’m hoping for Tom Hooper or maybe David O. Russell but am okay with the Coens or, I guess, Aronofsky, but I just don’t want Fincher to win).  And Cinematography is always near and dear to my heart, but after Inglourious Basterds lost last year, I’ve lost my faith in the Academy’s ability to judge that category.

So, what are your thoughts? Who are you rooting for?  Also, where is Shutter Island?

25 Comments leave one →
  1. wjh permalink
    27.February 2011 18:24

    >> Also, Armie Hammer – stupidest name ever?

    not if he’s a porn star.

    • Darby O'Shea permalink*
      27.February 2011 19:37

      I wish he were a porn star.

  2. Jamie permalink
    27.February 2011 18:37

    -Russell Brand is hilarious and endearing.
    -Michelle Williams seems to be wearing weird things, always.
    -What about Amy Adams’ necklace, though? Beautiful

    • Darby O'Shea permalink*
      27.February 2011 19:37

      So, he is funny. Michelle Williams: odd. Amy Adams: love the jewelry, love the dress, don’t love them together.

  3. Jamie permalink
    27.February 2011 19:02

    It’s Tim Time! Hurray!

  4. Christian permalink
    27.February 2011 19:13

    “…is where my heart has the most potential for crushing tonight”
    same with with me for Natalie Portman (even though the film was crap…) .

    • Darby O'Shea permalink*
      27.February 2011 19:36

      Oh, I kind of wish she wouldn’t win. I don’t think she was all that great. I’d rather Annette Bening won.

  5. Jamie permalink
    27.February 2011 20:12

    We need to find out about Natalie Portman’s tassel earrings.

    • Darby O'Shea permalink*
      27.February 2011 20:21

      They’re Tiffany.

  6. Christian permalink
    27.February 2011 20:15

    That beard !!!

    • Darby O'Shea permalink*
      27.February 2011 20:17

      It’s prodigious.

  7. Jamie permalink
    27.February 2011 20:18

    What is Britney’s big announcement?

    • Darby O'Shea permalink*
      27.February 2011 20:21

      No idea! Who was talking about it? Having trouble focusing.

  8. Christian permalink
    27.February 2011 21:00

    don’t like her overacting on that stage

    • Darby O'Shea permalink*
      27.February 2011 21:04

      Yeah. Not my favorite acceptance speech ever. I wish it had been HBC.

  9. Jamie permalink
    27.February 2011 21:08

    I think Justin Timberlake should host the oscars

    • Darby O'Shea permalink*
      27.February 2011 21:08

      Agree. Let’s start a petition.

      • Jamie permalink
        27.February 2011 21:51

        Really! They made Betty White happen. It’s JT’s time.

  10. Christian permalink
    27.February 2011 21:45


    • Darby O'Shea permalink*
      27.February 2011 21:48

      I’m amazed you’re still awake!

      • Christian permalink
        27.February 2011 22:03

        yeah, but need to go now. work tomorrow.

  11. Christian permalink
    27.February 2011 22:08

    I’d like to see Kevin Spacey host a show

  12. Christian permalink
    27.February 2011 23:17

    soo many films that aren’t even out in Germany yet. frustrating

  13. 28.February 2011 21:51

    Assorted comments:
    -Totally think Timberlake should host the Oscars. I’ll sign that petition.
    -I hear you on the best actress, actually. Earlier comment saying I did like Black Swan aside, I agree that Annette is WAY overdue for some golden statuary and she probably should have won this time, in a fair world where older women actresses were respected (see Tina Fey’s sounds-right assertion that actresses over 40 are automatically “crazy” in the business). Though I think its interesting that someone won best actress for acting in that genre of film (what does one call it? drama/horror? shock-drama?), which is pretty much *supposed* to have shallowly described, exaggerated characters. I *always* find myself wanting a surprise when it comes to best actress. It always seems predictable (yawn) who they choose.
    -But doesn’t Natalie look adorable pregnant? And that color looks great on her.
    -Yes, that wolf-man guy’s hair is incredible.
    – I dislike Nicole Kidman’s dress intensely. It accentuates her angularity and does nothing for her bust. I like Cate Blanchett’s dress though!
    -Most of Anne Hathaway’s dresses I did NOT like. Not the one with the spangles either. That red one was nice. She is such a ham.
    -That guy with the hair who won for God of Love was adorable in a cute-puppy way, no? Not a sexual way, an “awww you were a film student yesterday” way.
    -Yeah, it would not be a legit Oscars without Céline. I adore her. But she looks too thin right now, especially in the weird birthday singing thingie.


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