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Saturday Clip Show: More Green

19.March 2011

First things first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN!

Last April I went a little bonkers with a roll of slide film, just as things were beginning to turn green outside.  By the time the film had been cross processed, the shades of kelly, lime, and sea were blown out, over-saturated, screaming GREEN.

And I liked it. A lot.

Unfortunately, we haven’t yet reached the time of year when things are beginning to green yet, apart from moss and lichen coming back to life after a long winter underground and a few bulbs fighting their way to the surface here and there.  We’re entrenched in the March doldrums (thank GOD the February slump is over) when it seems like, though it’s a little warmer, it still might never be Spring.  In order to shake that dread, Dan and his friend Nick and I and my friend Kristen all piled into a car and drove West, to where there’s actually still a lot of snow lying around, but where our dear alma mater was having its annual Bulb Show.

The bulb show always happens at that time of year when it feels like Spring won’t ever come, like the sky will never be clear again, like the gray slush has become a permanent fixture.  And every year even the most downtrodden anti-Winterite among us could be revived a little by the burst of color and fragrance in the March greenhouse.

And so it was this year – we went in a little depressed and came out hopeful and all flowery and fragrant.  I like to think that our warmed dispositions have helped sustain the warm spell we had this week and that perhaps our optimism will speed Spring on its way.

This is what we saw while we were in the greenhouse.  A warning: there are a LOT of pictures in this post and they all display a flagrant abuse of the over-greening of cross processed Velvia 50.  Because the actual green of the greenhouse wasn’t enough for me.

Fig. 1. Outside the greenhouse there was hope, but still no real Spring.

Fig. 2. Inside it was a different story. Anyone know what these are?  Liz?  I want a whole yard full of them.

Fig. 3. These tulips and narcissus seemed quite proud of themselves.

Fig. 4. I also want a whole yard full of these crazy little blue flowers.  A type of hyacinth?

Fig. 5. And THIS type of hyacinth.  Sigh.

Fig. 6. I liked how the little flower in the middle of this picture didn’t feel the need to pic one color. In real life he faded from green to purple to yellow, almost resulting in a lively gray, if such a thing is possible.

Fig. 7. And in the other parts of the greenhouse it was warmer, more humid, and teeming with life.  This orchid has a jaunty angle.  Kind of reminds me of Calvin when you ask him a question.

Fig. 8. This particular section of the greenhouse is all watery and teeming with weird mossy creatures.  I liked this pot of hairy little guys.

Fig. 9. And who can resist a pitcher plant?

P.S. Believe it or not I showed RESTRAINT with this selection of photos.  More here.

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  1. Jamie permalink
    20.March 2011 19:26

    LOVE the photos!

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