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A new Series! Notes from the Wild West № 001

1.September 2013

Hello all! All of the much promised updates from our new home and the trip out *ARE* forthcoming, but for now, the first entry in a new series. I’m a member of a community email list that is endlessly entertaining. I plan to share the more entertaining emails with all of you here! Names and places redacted to protect the innocent. Enjoy!

I’m going to northern Idaho to meet my huckleberry hook-up, *****, in a few weeks.  I’m buying some huckleberries for our freezer for the winter.  There may be a few extra gallons.  These berries have the finest provenance available.  They are hand-picked in the mountains above Priest Lake, frozen in Ziploc gallon bags, and will be delivered [. . .] sometime in the next few weeks.  $50/gallon.

Are huckleberries really worth $50 a pound?

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  1. Jason Clower permalink
    2.October 2013 14:07

    Snoot and I have been walking around picking up walnuts off the country lanes near home. Once they fall onto a public street they’re fair game! One walk can net me the equivalent of maybe ten bucks of nuts. And if Dan isn’t too busy, you guys could make a mortgage payment off this berry scam!

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