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Things I miss in Boston: Tatte

10.February 2014

We’ve been away from Boston for about six months now. In that time we’ve eaten at most of the exciting spots in our new town (You’ll hear about them soon. I haven’t had time to write!), but I find myself seriously missing a few places in our erstwhile hometown. Tatte bakery on 3rd St. in Cambridge is one of them.

Fig. 1. They call this breakfast sandwich the BÉCHAMEL HEAVEN. And it is. Ham, cheese, croissant, bechamel. Ridiculous and delicious.

Fig. 2. Yogurt parfait. I’ve only had one better.

Fig. 3. It was a favorite place to take visitors for long, leisurely brunches (after throwing a few elbows to get seats at a table). Pictured here: the lovely Christine.

Fig. 4. That is a white shakshuka. Potato and bacon with cream and thyme. Outrageous.

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  1. 10.February 2014 13:19

    Totally understand that you are missing this great place. I’m not a breakfast person but the traditional shakshuka was so yummy.

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