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Homeownership: A year?!

23.February 2015

IMG_0992Way back on August second, Dan and I celebrated one year in our new home, in our new town. While it’s really, really hard to believe that a whole year has passed, when I look back at everything we’ve done and all that’s happened in that time, it’s amazing that it was only one year.

As you may know, we bought a wonderful house last summer that was in slightly rough shape (the result of it having been a student rental for a number of years and having sat on the market for a while) and immediately set to cleaning, sprucing up, and making it our own. And now, here’s what I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for: a run-down of everything it’s humanly possible to do to a house while both of you are working full time jobs and without spending very much money.*

August 2013

  • We moved in, our stuff arrived, we lived among boxes for a while. (I’m ashamed to admit there are still a few boxes – still packed – stashed here and there around the house.
  • We also went and purchased our first tools.
  • Carpet removal: Staples, staples, everywhere!
  • A new stove was ordered to replace the old monstrosity.
  • Bathroom #1: Why would you just not bother to paint bead board? (Ft. random towel racks that aren’t quite attached to the wall.)
  • Beer-pong table –> dining room table, thanks to wood putty and spray paint.
  • You say you can’t find an entertainment center you like?! Make one! (With designs by dad sent by email and lots and lots of helping via Skype.)

September 2013

  • Home office, or how pink walls do NOT go with a yellow ceiling.
  • First efforts at gardening, mowing, realizing that you also have to maintain the OUTSIDE of a house.
  • Guest room #1: In which unfortunate paint decisions were made (and have yet to be remedied)
  • Master bedroom: Slightly less unfortunate paint decisions that are, still, somewhat unsettling. (And a big-ass curtain.)

October 2013

  • Forsooth! A rug! And a sofa!
  • Parental help descends.
  • Bathroom #1, part 2: Pink porcelain, begone!
  • Hark! Do you hear a sofa delivery?
  • Brass. Chandeliers. Ugh.
  • Ceiling fans! (Did I mention it’s really effing hot here in the summer?) (And we don’t – yet – have AC.)
  • Living room paint: Our best decision yet. But wasn’t that color supposed to be gray, not blue?

November 2013

  • In which we hang some things on the wall. (In one room.)
  • Ahoy, rug #2!

December 2013

  • Our very first Christmas Tree (that isn’t just a roughly triangular rosemary bush in a pot)
  • Oh, and about that rotten silver maple tree…

January 2014

  • Laundry room: you’re next.
  • Kitchen hardware that depresses me – no more!
  • In which we learn that kitchen sink plumbing needs to *stay* attached. And also not be installed backward.
  • Snow!

February 2014

  • Things sprouting! We might have a yard!

March 2014

  • We took a break and ran away to Germany

April 2014

  • Guest room #2: The Scary Yellow Room
  • In which we finally stack up all the firewood we gained from that dead silver maple
  • Plants! Landscaping! Hurray, spring!
  • Also, if we’re going to grow veggies, we need a place to do it. (Read: buh-bye arborvitae, hello raised beds)
  • New fridge!

May 2014

  • A grill!
  • Laundry room, part 2: a cabinet!
  • Guest room #1 gains some furniture.
  • Gardening gets going!
  • Outdoor chairs!
  • Mustache warning tape!

June 2014

  • During which we had a lot of house guests

July 2014

  • Parental help, part 2!
  • Kitchen: a new windowsill, a microwave, an icemaker that works!
  • Laundry room, again! A live-edge shelf for my orchids, a countertop for the cabinet, and some new shelves (inadvertently we made the laundry room the nicest room in the house.)
  • We cleaned our windows for the first time ever!
  • Porch swing!

August 2014

  • On a whim we painted the kitchen.
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  1. WomanWithPassion permalink
    27.February 2015 07:44

    What an impressive list :) I’d love to see some photos! Hope you’re both well!

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