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What I’ve been reading, № 5

31.July 2015

Maeve Brennan: The Visitor

Maeve Brennan is, without a doubt, a stunning writer. But The Visitor is, also without a doubt, one of the most depressing things I’ve ever read. Don’t read in winter, at night, after a breakup, before a family reunion, or, possibly, even when alone.

Seriously, it’s a beautifully written, heart-wrenching family story and well worth reading.

Eimar McBride: A Girl is a Half-formed Thing

… which is even more depressing than The Visitor. This one was described to me as “the new Joyce” and “life-changing.” This book was amazing, no doubt. The stream-of-consciousness narrative was hard to read – this is not a beach-read, but really transformative. The book is full of insights about family, faith, and gender and delivers an emotional gut-punch. Read it, but have something light on hand for afterward.

Tana French: In the Woods

Which is why I turned to this. It’s a detective novel, but exceptionally well written. The story is really compelling and the characters fully realized and believable. It’s written in the first person, which I usually find distracting, but I think French does a fantastic job of not making it heavy-handed. Partly this comes from the sense of humor underlying the story and the way in which French plays with detective tropes and stereotypes. It’s a hard-boiled novel in the classic tradition, but also pokes fun of that tradition. It’s a page-turner. Go read it.

Tana French: The Likeness

This is the follow-up to In the Woods and I read it because I needed more of In the Woods, but had finished it. All the above applies here, but with the focus on a new character and a really innovative case. It’s amazing and totally unexpected. Needless to say, you’ll be seeing more of Tana French in this space. Not right away, though. I need to ration them.

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  1. 28.August 2015 18:56

    Based on your recommendation, “in the Woods” will be my vacation book.


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